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Dare · To · Imagine

NASCAR and Books

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We’re big NASCAR fans in our house, and we spent a week at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.  We rent a motor home and ‘RV’ with all the other pseudo rednecks in a 4 day tail-gate party.
A few weeks back, my husband hears of this cook book that the wife of one of the drivers wrote, compiling a whole bunch of recipes from other drivers.  Apparently, she went around the pits, collecting everyone’s favorite track recipes.
Now, the husband has to have this book.  My alarm bells go off immediately because I know how much work this involves for me.  But my husband insists that he will do all the cooking and experimenting.  I have been married to this man for almost 23 years and I know that is not how it works. 
He finds the book and orders it through Barnes and Noble to be shipped to our local branch, which conveniently (for him) is located right near where I work.  Naturally, I have to go pick up said book and pay for it, not that it was expensive (under $5.00 and less because I’m a member), but already it involves work for me and we haven’t even opened the cover yet.
Now I don’t love to cook, but I don’t hate it either, so I peruse the book and find some really interesting recipes.  We know we have to try some before we go camping to judge how easy they are and how much prep time they actually require – those times listed on most recipes are never accurate.  So we try some…by this I mean I make them and everyone else judges their acceptability…did I mention the work involved for me?
I admit that the recipes worked out well and most are delicious…the grilled bacon-wrapped shrimp is to die for.  And my husband is completely enamored of this book even though he has not made a single thing from it.
There we are camping with the rest of the race fans and my husband cannot seem to contain his enthusiasm over this book of recipes.  He tells everyone we run into (and there are 93,000 seats at this track…use your imagination) and even passes it around for others to admire.  I barely suppress my irritation, wanting to remind him that his wife has two books published herself.
I just looked at my oldest daughter, who rolls her eyes.  If he spent half as much time promoting my books so vehemently, I’d be a best-seller. 
Ever have one of these?

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On October 16th, 2011 02:06 am (UTC), Cheryl Thompson commented:
a fun hobby you should teach hubby...
I loved the concept when my husband became interested in cooking and recipes. Naturally as the bar-b-que guy, he still was working on not overcooking the meat! I caught him trying to make me dinner before our wedding trying to fry potatoes, a fiasco in the making! The pan of oil was extremly to hot and as the frozen fries hit the oil they splattered all over, he then threw them from about 4 feet away to avoid being burned, I think that's when the grease fire started.

In the later years of our wedded bliss with a child, I became a health care worked and did 12 hour shifts so he did need to learn to cook. We did simple things to get started, I didn't want to worry about fires with an 8 year old son. Ham steaks, mac & cheese became a staple, hamburger helper, grilled cheese, eggs, and various other simple things and it was a vast improvement.

Now after 20 years of with the same guy he really craved a lot of recipes from the glorious food channel. Okay, I am a very good cook and I bake; I wasn't going to be doing this alone! We started out with helping each other in the kitchen and I involved my teenage son. It took a lot of patience and supervision but they can both cook very nice meals. Healthy foods because I am diabetic and my husband has heart disease. I no longer have to worry about either of them going hungry or running out for the junk food.

So Daretoimagine, I think she should have hubby learn to help and cook, it really isn't that difficult if you work together and then have him sharing and carrying your books as well and saying not only did my wife work with me on this she is also the author of this book! Brains and talent all rolled into one!!
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