daretoimagine (daretoimagine) wrote,

Release news and randomness

So, my romance ebook has finally been released.  Currently, it is listed on the Sapphire Blue Publishing website and it should be available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble soon.  The link is HERE .  You can visit my website to read the blurb and/or an excerpt. 

On another note, my company's golf tournament is Monday (I work for a non-profit), which I am required to attend.  My husband and assorted children all discussed the excitement factor of golf as a sport and I emphasized that I was attending to 'work' not to 'play.'  My husband, in his infinite wisdom. commented on how bored I would be.  And then he commented on OUR favorite sport encompassing cars driving around in a circle really fast.

I then said that golf might be more interesting if there were occasional golf cart wrecks every other green.

Needless to say, I am expecting a long and golf cart crash free event on Monday.  <sigh> 

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